Taco Marine - Projects Guide - page 11

Rub Rail
11.Continue this process until you come back to
the other end of the length you installed at the
bow. Measure the last length carefully so that it
fits tightly and install the screws.
12. Install the insert according to the instructions on
pages 5 & 6.
Stainless Steel offers the maximum durability, while maintaining a classic style.
Stainless Steel rub rail is available in 304 and 316 grade in widths from
1/2” to 2” and in solid back and hollow back. All stainless steel rub
rail is pre-drilled and countersunk. Depending on the style,
these rub rails can be installed directly on the boat as a rub
rail or as an overlap on rigid vinyl rub rail.
Follow the same instructions for aluminum with the following exceptions:
1. When bending it around corners, use a rubber mallet to ensure a tight bend. stainless
steel requires a lot more force to bend than aluminum.
2. Cutting the stainless steel rub rail is best done with a cut off wheel. If discoloration
appears, polish it out with some rouge and a polishing wheel.
3. When used as an overlap, the mounting holes should be between the mounting
screws of the rigid vinyl rub rail. When mounting to rigid vinyl rub rail, use short
screws that do not penetrate the hull.
HANDY HANKS’ TIP: Thoroughly clean both sides of the stainless steel rub
rail. Do not use cleaners with abrasives. Be careful edges may be sharp!
Rail Ends
Rub Strakes
Stainless steel rail ends add a finished appearance to the ends
of stainless steel rub rail. The rail end has a square cut edge
designed to line up perfectly with the terminating end of the
stainless steel rub rail, while the other end has a tapered finished
look. Available in 3/4” and 1” width, pre-drilled and countersunk
screw holes.
Stainless steel are designed to screw down to the deck to prevent
chafing of lines from anchors, dock fenders and mooring lines.
These are the very attractive and functional accessories and
available in multiple widths and lengths from 8-24”.
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