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A center rigger will allow an extra line off the center of your boat that is high and will put the bait far
out off the back of your boat. TACO’s Clamp-On Center Rigger clamps to 1” round
pipe. An anti-rotation pin is placed in the pipe by drilling with a 1/4” drill bit, then
the pin captures the clamp to provide stability.
Clamp-On Center Rigger
The Sport Slam is easy to install and use. A simple pull of
the button swings the outrigger into fishing positions and also
features a lay down arm for bridges and storage.
The Sport Slam can be mounted through an existing plate; a
hard top that is a minimum 1/4” thick and is 4-1/2” in width and
5-1/2” in length; or on a TACO Clamp-On mounting plate.
The Sport Slam center rigger only requires drilling the 4 bolt
holes and uses 5/16” bolt, nut and washer.
Sport Slam
Center Rigger
TACO’s Outrigger Line Caddy is designed to eliminate tangled
rigging. The Outrigger Caddy fits 1-1/2” and 1-1/8” poles.
To install on 1-1/2” poles:
1. Place the rings over the outrigger pole with the bottom
clamp 6” above the outrigger mount with the wrapping pin
facing the outrigger butt.
2. Place the second ring approximately 12” up the pole with
the wrapping pin pointing toward the outrigger tip and tighten
the mounting bolts.
3) To install on 1-1/8” poles install the rubber inserts provided and proceed as above.
To install your new TACO T-top Light: (12” or 24”)
1. Grasp the two rubber ends, one in each hand, and remove the
rubber end without the wire, by pulling and twisting.
2. Slide the anodized aluminum housing off of the plastic tube
(make note which end of the housing the wired end goes in).
3. Place the aluminum housing in position under the T-Top pipe you are mounting it to and mark the pipe
through the pre-drilled holes.
3. Using a center punch, make a starting indent in the pipe at the center of each mark.
4. Using a 1/8” drill bit, make two holes in the pipe as marked (if there are wires running through the pipe
drill in short bursts and stop immediately when it goes through or remove the wires before drilling).
5. Install a #8 oval head stainless steel screw through the housing, slide the plastic spacer over the screw
and tighten it enough to get the screw started. Do the same with the other screw then tighten both screws
to attach the housing to the pipe.
6. Slide the light tube into the end and install the other rubber end. Make sure the light is facing the
opening. Pull the wire tight, cable ties (not included) can be used to keep the wires tight against the pipe.
The black wire connects to your (-) negative or common terminal. The white wire will connect to your 12V
positive terminal through a switch.
Sportfishing Equipment
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