Taco Marine - Projects Guide - page 30

Marine Lumber
Projects using Marine Lumber range from replacing damaged wood, laminates and
plastics, to adding personalized accessories (see Project Ideas on page 15).
To Replace Worn or Damaged Wood
- Remove the old part. Use the old part as a
template by clamping it to Marine Lumber.
To Add New Accessories
- Choose the accessories you would like to
make. Determine where they will be located on the boat and create a
pattern if you don’t have one, including the location of the attachment
holes. You can also visit TACO’s web site tacomarine.com for
downloadable templates of Marine Lumber projects.
1. Calculate the size of the Marine Lumber Sheet you will need by laying out your patterns.
2. Read the “Create Your Accessory” section of the brochure carefully and if you have
any questions about your project,
call Handy Hank at: 800-653-8567 or visit TACO's
Web site tacomarine.com
3. Choose the tools & hardware you will use for each project including screws, nuts &
bolts needed for attachment, screwdrivers, saws, drill bits, countersink or counterbore
tools, hole saw blades, etc...
4. Purchase the appropriate size Marine lumber sheet at your local marine store
Marine Lumber is not a structural material. The framing or structure it is attached to must
be able to withstand any stress or load it may be subject to. It should be supported by a
sub surface or a load bearing framework every 15” in both directions. Use wood or TACO's
tubing in large spanning applications.
HANDY HANKS’ TIP: Draw out the size of the Marine lumber you are going to use on poster board. Map
out multiple projects on the poster board first to ensure that all the components will fit. If not, go to the
next available size of Marine lumber.
1. Clamp your old part to the Marine Lumber, or tape your template to it with scotch tape
and make an outline using a
2. Cut the outlines of the wax pencil using a table or circular saw for straight cuts, a
jigsaw for curved cuts and a drill with hole saw blades for large holes.
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