Taco Marine - Projects Guide - page 8

Rub Rail
This rub rail comes in complete 30’ kits which
include end caps, screws and is predrilled. The
average boat requires two kits. When cutting, use
a miter box to insure the rub rail you are installing
has a straight end.
To take the curve out of the coiled rub rail, hold the coil in one
hand and unroll several feet. Warm it up with a heat gun and
straighten it out.
1. Place masking tape above or below where the rub rail will go
and mark for the new holes. Note: When a screw is properly
installed into the hole, the screw head should sit just below
the surface.
TIP: Once the rub rail comes in contact with the hull stop tightening the screw!
2. Start in the middle of the transom, or if you are not going around the transom, start at
the corner of the transom. Have a helper unroll about 4’ of rub rail and take the curve
out of it.
3. Starting 12” from the end, drill through the predrilled rub rail holes into the boat, or drill
and countersink the rub rail. Coat the screw threads with Silicone or 3M 5200 and
install the screw.
4. Continue uncoiling, straightening and drilling or
drilling and countersinking. Coat the threads and
work in one direction around the boat until you have
installed the first coil. Leave the last 12” unfastened.
We will finish this in step 8.
5. When you have to bend the rub rail around a corner,
move the heat gun back and forth to prevent
overheating the rub rail.
6. Straighten out about 4’ of the next coil. Overlap the
end of the last coil by 1/8” and attach the first screw
approximately 12” from the end. Leave these two
ends loose for now.
Step 5
Step 6
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