The TACO Team is Growing with a New Addition to Marketing!

The TACO Team is Growing with a New Addition to Marketing!

The TACO Team is Growing with a New Addition to Marketing!

We’re excited to announce the recent addition of designer, photographer and videographer Luis Rodriguez to the position of Marketing Assistant at TACO!

As a lifelong lover of photography, Rodriguez is a regular face on the sidelines of major area sports teams, including the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Rodriguez moved to Florida at 12 years old where he began to foster his love of the lens. 

“At one point, I wanted to be a photojournalist,” said Rodriguez, who has an Associate’s degree in Film from Miami Dade College. “My strongest side is the photography and video.”

At TACO, Rodriguez, a married father of two, has already put his design, photography and video chops to good use — helping to create our FISH TACO TV series throughout the fall and into the New Year, as well as covering the recent 7th annual I’M LOGAN IT Flag Football Tournament.

Additionally, Rodriguez worked extensively on product updates on and our upcoming 2019 catalog, instruction manuals and more.

“Nowadays, TV is not the number one thing anymore,” explained Rodriguez, who continues to develop new video for FISH TACO TV. “We’re continuing to create videos that people are interested in.”

Since joining team TACO, first as a temp in September and then officially as Marketing Assistant in December, Rodriguez said he likes the approachable, family-type atmosphere in the office.

“One thing that I love is the fact that you have the President [Jon Kushner] sitting down within our group,” he said.  “You can just walk up to him and talk to him. Every morning, he comes around and says ‘hi.’ I’ve never seen that [before] coming from a boss.”

Rodriguez said he also appreciates the longevity of so many TACO employees, many of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years. 

For 2019, Rodriguez is slated to continue producing FISH TACO TV, enhancing our TACO photo library and supporting all other aspects of Marketing.

Welcome to the team, Luis!